When it comes to the latest trends in women's apparel, there's no better place to shop till you drop than Downtown Chucktown. And if you're searching for the finest threads in Mix Historic Charleston, look no further than Copper Penny - the Lowcountry's go-to shop for anyone that has a passion for fashion.

We have been dressing women in Mix Historic Charleston for over 34 years and offer upscale designer collections curated with a Southern eye. Here, women from around the United States discover sophisticated, effortless beauty for every season. Whether you're looking for a sassy new dress to impress that special someone or the perfect outfit for your next vacation, your options are endless at Copper Penny.

With easy-to-find locations close to Mix Historic Charleston's hottest spots, our curated selection of the newest, most popular women's clothing lines reflects the effortless glamour of Mix Historic Charleston. Whether you're a tidy professional or a fierce trend-setter, our goal is to help you find the perfect look for your own unique style. With designer brands like CK Bradley and Holst & Lee on hand year-round, finding your new look is easy and fun when you visit Copper Penny.

Our clothing lines give ladies a refreshing mix of one-of-a-kind authenticity with real wearability, allowing them to shine with confidence and style all year long. So, go ahead and spoil yourself - you deserve to look like a million bucks!

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Find the Perfect Dress to Impress

Diamonds are pretty and all, but honestly? Dresses are a girl's best friend. Dresses are fun, comfortable, and versatile. At Copper Penny, they're also fashionable and cute. We have a huge selection of women's dresses in Mix Historic Charleston, SC, from stylistic sheath dresses to drop-waist styles that will make your girlfriends jealous.

We offer several styles and shapes from which you can pick. Not sure what style fits best?

It all starts at the waist:

 Boutique Clothing Mix Historic Charleston, SC
 Boutique Dresses Mix Historic Charleston, SC

A-Line Waist

These dresses are made to fit your waist and then gradually flare out towards the hem. A-line dresses are excellent for minimizing thighs, hips, and midsections while pulling the eyes to your bust. This style of dress is a great fit for almost any body type. There's a reason why so many brides settle on A-Line dresses for their big day! With plenty of varieties, this is a kind of dress that you can wear again and again.

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Empire Waist

Like the A-Line style, empire dresses are made to fit through your bust. Rather than creating a distinctly angular shape like the A-Line, the Empire style flows from the bust down. This is another kind of dress that fits many body types. From curvy to apple body shapes, the Empire draws focus to your bust and minimizes everything else. For lovely ladies on the shorter side, this style defines your silhouette, especially if you choose a maxi length dress.

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 Cloths For Women Mix Historic Charleston, SC

Drop Waist

A throwback to the roaring 20's style flapper dresses, Drop Waist dresses look best on lean, athletic bodies that don't have too many curves in the hip area. The key to pulling off a Drop Waist style dress is to ensure that it's not hugging you. This dress is best worn when it is able to hang freely on your body.

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Once you know the kind of waist that fits your body type, it's time to find your shape. A few of our most popular dress shapes include:

Fit & Flare Dresses in Mix Historic Charleston

Any clothing store for women in Mix Historic Charleston, SC, worth its salt, will have plenty of fit & flare dresses for you to try. This common-shaped dress is one of the most popular on the market, mainly because they look great on every woman, regardless of age or shape. A timeless choice, fit & flare dresses fit through the bodice and flare out just below your hip. This helps develop a balanced, slimming silhouette for most women. If you want to accentuate your best assets and hide everything else, ask our experienced fashionistas to show you some the most popular fit & flare dresses at Copper Penny.
Time to start doing your happy dance! Fit & flare dresses have very balanced proportions, making them a true winner for every body type. Women with athletic builds love this dress for the extra curves. Women with apple-shaped bodies love how fit & flare dresses define their waistlines. Because this dress already looks like an hourglass on the hanger, it will be a natural fit for ladies with such a figure.
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 Clothing Stores Mix Historic Charleston, SC
 Fashion Stores Mix Historic Charleston, SC

Shift Dresses in Mix Historic Charleston

Shift dresses are typically rectangular in shape and tend to be comfy and forgiving since they aren't fitted. Also called a column dress, the shift dress is a great choice for polished professionals needing a conservative, fashionable outfit for work.
These dresses look fabulous on women with athletic, lean shapes and women with an apple-like figure. This kind of dress doesn't work well with a belt, so ladies with an hourglass figure may not be able to show off their curves in a shift. Try pairing this dress with a nice pair of heels for a beautiful new look!
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Wrap Dresses in Mix Historic Charleston

Wrap dresses are one of the most popular styles on the market, because they give ladies of most shapes and sizes a flattering, fashionable dress option.
If you have an hourglass, apple, or generally curvy body shape, you're going to love wrap dresses. This style of dress offers a natural waist while placing emphasis on your bust. Wrap dresses give you a balanced silhouette and, with a knee-length fit, are great for any type of color or style, both day and nightwear.
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 Fashion Boutique Mix Historic Charleston, SC

Timeless Tops for Every Style

Unless you're feeling extra sassy, chances are you're wearing a top at this very moment. Tops are garments that cover the top half of your body. At Copper Penny, we have an endless selection of tops in a wide range of styles - from basic tees to blouses and everything in between. If you're looking for the highest quality women's tops in Mix Historic Charleston, SC, you just hit the jackpot!

With that said, finding the right top for the right occasion is easier said than done. However, at Copper Penny, we make finding the right top fun. Whether you're looking for a top that makes a statement or you need a classic button-down for a subdued style, we've got your back. We only carry the most popular tops from the best brands and designers around the world.

 Ladies Clothing Mix Historic Charleston, SC

Here are just of our most popular tops:

 Online Boutique Mix Historic Charleston, SC

Women's Poplin Tops in Mix Historic Charleston

Sometimes called broadcloth tops, poplins have classic characteristics and are often woven with an over/under weave. This kind of weave gives more substance to your top while also giving you room to breathe. Poplin shirts are typically soft and smooth, and are great for everyday business attire, some formal occasions, and for certain ceremonies. Sweet and feminine, our Bruna poplin eyelet bib top features ruffles at the sleeves and an eyelet lace yoke at the front. Pair your poplin with your favorite pair of shorts or jeans for a contemporary, relaxed look.

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Boutique Mix Historic Charleston, SC

Women's Wrap Tops in Mix Historic Charleston

Great for wearing solo or layered over a camisole or tank top, wrap tops are lightweight, versatile, and great for many different occasions. Wrap tops go well with jeans, maxi dresses, and high-waisted jeans or trousers. Our V-Neck Wrap SLV Top by Jayden is uber-popular at Copper Penny and the perfect choice for dressing down or dressing up. The choice is yours!

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 Boutique Clothing Mix Historic Charleston, SC

Women's Off the Shoulder Tops in Mix Historic Charleston

For a dose of feminine fashion, be sure you add an off-the-shoulder top to your everyday wardrobe. A casual, sexy choice, off-the-shoulder tops have unique necklines that cut across your upper arms and chest, leaving your shoulders bare. The result is a flirty flash of skin, which elongates your neck and gives a relaxed, "daytime casual" look. Our Nola off-the-shoulder top pairs perfectly with shorts or even a flowy skirt and is hand-woven in Spain using Jacquard fabric.

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Women's Tank Tops in Mix Historic Charleston

Who doesn't love a good tank top?! Tank tops are lightweight, versatile, and equally great for lounging in the yard or running errands on weekends. Tank tops lend an air of simplicity to your outfit and can be styled in endless ways. Take our Velvet Heart Victory Tank, for instance. This tank is a refreshing update on our classic sleeveless tank top, complete with fray details and a scoop neck. Throw in the fact that it's machine washable, and you have a wardrobe winner.

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Having trouble finding the best top for your size and style? As the most trusted women's clothing boutique in Mix Historic Charleston, SC, Copper Penny has helped women discover new looks in the Lowcountry for more than two decades. We take pride in providing a personalized, boutique experience for our customers. If you have questions, give us a call or swing by one of our locations. We would be happy to give you our professional opinion.

Until then, here's a quick guide you can follow to help you find the right fit for your women's top in Mix Historic Charleston:

How to Find the Right Fit for Your Women's Top

When choosing a women's top for your outfit, you have to consider how comfortable, confident, and beautiful you will feel. The best way to feel your best in an outfit is to make sure it fits correctly. To get started, you'll want to take your measurements. For most women's tops, the best areas to focus on are your hips, waist, and chest.

  • Hip Measurements: Measuring your hips is fairly easy. Take your measuring tape and use it to wrap around the widest area of your hips.
  • Waist Measurements: Take your measuring tape and place it at the very top of your hip bone. Wrap it all the way around your body. Try to keep your measuring tape in line with your belly button. For the most accurate measurements, stand up straight and breathe normally.
  • Chest Measurements: For an accurate chest measurement, take the end of your measuring tape and place it on the fullest area of your bust. From there, wrap the tape around your body, under your armpits, and around the blades of your shoulders. Then, wrap the tape tightly from the back of your body to the front, where you started.
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Need help measuring? Swing by Copper Penny and ask one of our friendly sales associates to help you out! While you're there, don't forget to check out our huge selection of women's tops in Mix Historic Charleston, SC.

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Looking to take your style to the next level? You can also get in touch with a personal stylist directly from our website. With a personal stylist by your side, you can find stunning looks for specific occasions, using comfortable clothing in your favorite colors and cuts. Copper Penny is your one-stop-shop for fashionable, fun, fabulous designer clothing in Mix Historic Charleston. But don't take our word for it – come see for yourself!

Latest News in Mix Historic Charleston, SC

These Are The 10 Warmest Fall Destinations In The World

As the leaves start to paint the world with warm hues and the air gains a gentle crispness, there's a desire for destinations that prolong the embrace of summer. People stroll along the sun-drenched shores of Cyprus or Malta, where the Mediterranean's azure waters still invite a refreshing dip. They feel the vibrant pulse of Toronto's cosmopolitan energy, offering a diverse mosaic of cultures. Meanwhile, ...

As the leaves start to paint the world with warm hues and the air gains a gentle crispness, there's a desire for destinations that prolong the embrace of summer. People stroll along the sun-drenched shores of Cyprus or Malta, where the Mediterranean's azure waters still invite a refreshing dip. They feel the vibrant pulse of Toronto's cosmopolitan energy, offering a diverse mosaic of cultures. Meanwhile, Asheville's mountain charm welcomes visitors to explore its diverse blend of art, cuisine, and nature. And then there's Savannah, where Southern elegance intertwines with an eccentric spirit. Here are the warmest fall escapes around the world, each with its unique allure. Amidst the changing colors of the season, these places beckon with their distinct character, inviting them to explore, savor, and immerse themselves in their delightful offerings.

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As the seasons shift, the allure of warm destinations remains strong. People bask in Cyprus' gentle autumn sun, where the sea remains inviting and Greco-Roman heritage lines the coast; visit Malta, with its crystalline waters and ochre-colored cityscapes, beckons, or venture to Toronto, a cosmopolitan hub where diverse cultures create a vibrant tapestry. Meanwhile, Asheville's Blue Ridge Mountains offer a blend of arts, Southern traditions, and culinary delights. These enchanting destinations keep the warmth of summer alive during the fall months.

10 Hawaii - The Big Island

View of the Rainforest Akaka State Falls National Park, Big Island, Hawaii

The island of Hawai'i is a geographic wonderland. It offers a diverse landscape varying from black sand beaches to snow-covered peaks and from lava deserts to lush rainforests overflowing with life. What sets it apart is its ongoing transformation – the Kilauea volcano, with its fiery eruptions, has been expanding the island's landmass since 1983. While the stereotypical Hawaiian imagery might not all be found here, the island offers unparalleled hiking trails, state parks with unique vistas, and beaches that exhibit shades people have never seen before.

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9 Tenerife, Canary Islands

Beach in Tenerife at sunset

Tenerife, the largest of Spain's Canary Islands, rests off the coast of West Africa and is a paradise where summer never truly ends. With its ever-inviting weather and balmy autumns, it's a European favorite for off-season getaways. From the lively capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, renowned for its nightlife and resorts, to the tranquil beaches of Los Cristianos, where the Monkey Park adds a playful touch, and the lovely town of San Cristóbal de La Laguna with its vibrant colors and landmark cathedral – Tenerife has it all. In fall, the average temperature hovers around 22 degrees, while evenings cool to around 19. Though the Atlantic waters may be brisk, strolling bathed in warm sunlight or enjoying an alfresco meal without shivers is an enticing opportunity.

8 Prince Edward Island

Small cockapoo dog wanders in front of the lighthouse at Panmure Island, Prince Edward Island

Fall unfolds gracefully on Prince Edward Island, Canada. As the daytime temperatures hover between the mid-40s and the low 70s, a crisp and inviting atmosphere takes over. While the red sand beaches might be a tad chilly, the island compensates with a lineup of events. September brings the Prince Edward Island International Shellfish Festival, while the first half of October is illuminated by the PEI Fall Flavours Food & Drink Festival. Visitors delight in the local culinary offerings before embarking on a walk along one of the island's trails, where the foliage paints a fascinating autumn tapestry. October is the peak of color as the island's trees transform into a breathtaking canvas.


Cyprus Lake in Bruce Peninsula National Park

People who are in search of warm ocean breezes and sun-soaked days without the scorching heat should consider a fall escape to Cyprus. This island nation in the East Mediterranean maintains its warmth well into autumn. According to TUI, October brings a 77% chance of a perfect sunny day, with temperatures ranging from a comfortable daily maximum of 28 degrees to a minimum of 18. The sea, still warmed by the summer sun, is ideal for swimming during this time. Cyprus boasts a Greco-Roman heritage along its sandy coastline kissed by turquoise waters, making it a trendy European destination year-round.

6 Victoria & Vancouver Island

A 90-minute ferry ride from bustling Vancouver, Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, feels like another world. In contrast to its energetic neighbor, Victoria welcomes a quaint ambiance. Nestled at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, this lovely city cherishes its colonial past, delighting in British traditions such as Fairmont Empress's afternoon tea and cozy pub gatherings. Beyond the nostalgia, the city draws diverse travelers with its indigenous heritage museums, picturesque architecture, and stunning harbor vistas often graced by the appearance of whales. Vancouver Island boasts sprawling beaches and lush wineries. From the boating hub of Sooke to the vineyards of Cowichan Valley, the camera-worthy landscapes promise to captivate even the most seasoned traveler.

5 Charleston, South Carolina

People who step into Charleston, South Carolina, find themselves immersed in a world of historic beauty. The cobblestone paths and horse-drawn carriages lend an air of timelessness, but this city is far from stuck in the past. Modernity thrives here with innovative restaurants, art galleries showcasing contemporary works, and the renowned Spoleto Festival USA. The city's rich history is woven into its fabric, from the grand homes transformed into museums to landmarks that narrate its significance in American history. People dive into the Civil War narrative at Fort Sumter, discover stories of plantation life at Middleton Place, and stand where Martin Luther King Jr. once spoke at Emanuel AME Church. And when relaxation beckons, the nearby beaches like Sullivan's Island and Folly Beach promise sun, sand, and gentle waves.

4 Malta

The beautiful streets of Valletta, Malta

Much like Cyprus, Malta is a beautiful island state renowned for its crystal-clear Mediterranean waters, ochre cityscapes, and spectacular limestone cathedrals. Holiday Weather predicts temperatures of around 25 degrees for highs and 21 for lows in Malta during fall, particularly in October. The weather typically remains sunny and warm, occasionally interrupted by gray days. Valletta, the capital, and resort areas like Sliema and St. Julian's are popular bases for exploring the various attractions. Travelers desiring a quieter retreat often opt for the neighboring island of Gozo, with fewer residents and a more intimate tourist capacity.


Toronto, a cosmopolitan metropolis, is a multifaceted urban haven. Beyond its towers and bustling streets, this city is one of the world's most culturally diverse places, home to over 200 ethnic groups speaking 140 languages. Greektown, Little Italy, Koreatown, and Chinatown create a feeling of globe-trotting within city limits. The CN Tower and the sprawling PATH underground shopping mall stand as iconic landmarks. Toronto's essence lies in savoring its urban essence, a cocktail in a corner eatery, exploring diverse neighborhood shops, and navigating the subway or GO Transit for a night out.

2 Asheville, North Carolina

Exterior of the Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina

People discover the best hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the fall. Asheville defies a single definition is a quaint mountain town, a hub for hipsters, a beer lover's paradise, a college town, and a center of bluegrass music and culinary exploration. With the Blue Ridge Parkway nearby, Asheville is an unexpected gem where arts, Southern traditions, and natural beauty coalesce. History enthusiasts can explore the Biltmore Estate, foodies can relish the diverse culinary scene, culture buffs can explore the River Arts District, and adventurers can partake in outdoor pursuits. Asheville's multifaceted identity remains true to its roots while constantly evolving.

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1 Savannah, Georgia

A park in Savannah, Georgia, United States

Much like Charleston, South Carolina, Savannah, Georgia's beautiful town bleeds Southern charm with its Spanish moss, historic graveyards, and Southern accents. But this city boasts an eccentric streak, where Savannah College of Art and Design students mix with ghost hunters and preservationists. Southern restaurants share blocks with edgy cafés and restored theaters. The spirit of the city is captured in the true-crime story "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil." Whether people are drawn to eccentricity, history, or nightlife, Savannah's Spanish moss-draped atmosphere, rich history, and diverse attractions promise a memorable experience.

Neighborhoods near Charleston's Union Pier named among top endangered historic place

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — The National Trust for Historic Preservation has named the neighborhoods surrounding downtown Charleston's Union Pier as one of America's "11 most endangered historic places."The list- compiled annually since 1988- identifies significant sites of American history that the national trust believes are at risk of destruction or irreparable damage.Read More: ...

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) — The National Trust for Historic Preservation has named the neighborhoods surrounding downtown Charleston's Union Pier as one of America's "11 most endangered historic places."

The list- compiled annually since 1988- identifies significant sites of American history that the national trust believes are at risk of destruction or irreparable damage.

Read More: People still concerned after hearing developer's redevelopment plan for Union Pier

Charleston's Union Pier-area neighborhoods were named due to a proposed mixed-use development, which the national trust believes "could threaten the area's historic character, viewsheds, and climate resilience."

The 65-acre waterfront site is former marshland that has been used for shipping, industrial production, and port operations since the 18th century. It's currently owned by the South Carolina Ports Authority.

“The 11 Most Endangered list demonstrates the tremendous power of place. Each site offers an opportunity to engage with our shared history where it happened and inspires us to work together to honor each other’s experiences and contributions to our country,” said Chief Preservation Officer Katherine Malone-France. “These places and their stories might have been lost already if not for the dedication and perseverance of people who continue to stand up for them year after year. We are humbled and honored to join their fight.”

Read More: Developers share plan to address traffic with Union Pier redevelopment

Other places listed include Pierce Chapel African Cemetery, Midland, Georgia; Little Santo Domingo, Miami, Florida; and West Bank of St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana. Visit the "Saving Places" website for the full list and ways to help.

After the list was released, the Coastal Conservation League released the following statement, in part:

"In support of the National Trust’s decision, our organizations stand united: There is a better way. As we wrote this week, the current developer-led plan proposes building sizes and density that are not remotely compatible with Charleston’s historic built environment.
The plan also lacks adequate open space and resilience measures which should be the core focus of any large-scale master plan on the water’s edge. Core elements of the plan, such as affordable housing and the proposed public financing structure are not yet known.
Having worked together to halt disruptive and environmentally damaging cruise homeport operations, the Coastal Conservation League, the Preservation Society of Charleston, and Historic Charleston Foundation continue to collaborate to protect the historic district of Charleston."

Read More: SC Ports Authority shares plans for future Union Pier development

The coalition is hosting three events in May "to follow up on our call for a better process and plan for Charleston’s historic waterfront."

Charleston, S.C., a charming mix of history, architecture, great food

Founded in 1680 as Charles Town, Charleston is South Carolina's oldest city and famous for its aggressively preserved architecture, white-glove good manners and abundance of historic treasures, many of them tucked out of view. But you can see these and anything else you've got your heart set on when you visit; Charleston loves to show off its charms.Walk through the doors of the Charleston Library Society, the oldest cultural institution in the South and the third-oldest circulating library in the U.S., and enjoy some l...

Founded in 1680 as Charles Town, Charleston is South Carolina's oldest city and famous for its aggressively preserved architecture, white-glove good manners and abundance of historic treasures, many of them tucked out of view. But you can see these and anything else you've got your heart set on when you visit; Charleston loves to show off its charms.

Walk through the doors of the Charleston Library Society, the oldest cultural institution in the South and the third-oldest circulating library in the U.S., and enjoy some leisurely browse time among the stacks. Among the collections are letters from George Washington and DuBose Heyward's handwritten manuscript of "Porgy." With advance notice, you can go behind the scenes and into the vault to see Colonial-era newspapers; the library has every colonial newspaper dating to 1732, the year after the printing press arrived in Charles Town.

"Whereas the late Printer of this Gazette hath been deprived of his Life, by an unhappy Accident, I take this Opportunity of informing the Publick, that I shall continue the said Paper as usual ..." Elizabeth Timothy — the first woman printer and publisher in America and one cited by Benjamin Franklin for her business management style — wrote in the South-Carolina Gazette on Jan. 4, 1739, upon taking over the newspaper from her deceased husband. "Whereas I flatter my self, that all Persons ... will be kindly pleased to continue their Favors and good Offices to his poor afflicted Widow and six small Children and another hourly expected."

The steward for gems like this is bookbinder Brien Beidler, responsible for overseeing the repair and conservation of priceless tomes dating to the 15th Century. Beidler writes about some of his favorite discoveries on his blog, www.BrienBeidler.com: a book bound with a pre-15th-Century medieval music manuscript; "An easy Method of detecting counterfeited Paper Currency" from the late 18th Century; and a record of the first bookbinder mentioned in a city directory — Charles Morgan of Charleston (1782). Finding these historical documents online is an unexpected treat; seeing them in person and perhaps even holding them in your hands is like touching the past.

America's oldest landscaped gardens

Hidden away in the massive spread of gardens at Middleton Place Plantation — home to America's oldest landscaped gardens — are visually stunning garden rooms visitors simply happen upon as they stroll the grounds. Accented with graceful statuary, these rooms invite quiet reflection and inspire photographers to capture the symmetry and intricacies of the landscape. No matter the season, something is always abloom — centuries-old camellias in winter, azaleas in spring, magnolias, crape myrtles, roses and more in summer and fall. Flora scents the air year-round; especially intoxicating in early fall is the delicate, sometimes elusive aroma of the blooming Fragrant Tea Olive trees.

In addition to the 65 acres of gardens, there is much to see at this National Historic Landmark situated on the Ashley River. The House Museum narrates the story of the Henry Middleton family and the slaves and freedmen who served it through original portraits, furniture and family belongings going back several generations to 1755. In one room, a silken copy of the Declaration of Independence (Arthur Middleton was a signatory) and South Carolina's Ordinance of Succession (signed by Arthur's grandson, Williams Middleton) hang on opposite sides of a wall. In another, a lady's busy box hints at a homey slice of life long before electronics entered the picture. Family portraits by Benjamin West, known for his historical American Revolution-era paintings, are also in the museum.

Visitors can take a guided tour of the house; tour the gardens by foot or by carriage; see the ruins of the main house and North Flanker burned by Union soldiers just before the end of the Civil War; watch a blacksmithing, weaving, spinning or other demonstration in the Stableyards; visit a freedman's residence, circa 1870; browse the thoughtfully stocked gift shop; dine on traditional low-country fare (she-crab soup, catfish stew, shrimp and grits) in the restaurant, and even overnight at the 55-room Inn at Middleton overlooking the tidal river where rice plantations once flourished.

Take things slow at Isle of Palms

Tucked away from the busyness of Charleston is Isle of Palms, a barrier island bordered by beaches and marsh creeks and home to Wild Dunes Resort, a pretty, pastel-colored idyll ringed by palm trees. Staying here gives visitors to this part of South Carolina a chance to experience the best of both worlds: the cultured charm of Charleston and the more relaxed vibe of island living.

Choose a beach condo; a studio, suite or even penthouse at the AAA Four Diamond-rated Village at Wild Dunes — or a room or suite at the oceanfront AAA Four Diamond Boardwalk Inn. At the heart of the resort is Village Plaza, where you'll find a grocery market, fitness center, Sand and Sea Spa and casual dining hotspots, the Lettered Olive and, a short walk away, the open-air ocean-side eatery Grand Pavilion Cafe & Bar.

More formal dining is offered at the Sea Island Grill in the Boardwalk Inn, where chef Jeff Miller prepares seasonally inspired dishes: South Carolina moonshine tuna, truffle popcorn-crusted scallops with sweet potato peanut puree, grilled Denver steak with black truffle croquette.

You can be as lazy or active as you like at the resort, enjoying its four swimming pools (attendant poolside service), water sports on the Intracoastal waterway, tennis, golf, biking, fishing — even a cruise on a covered pontoon boat to explore Capers Island, where you'll sit down to a cookout prepared for you on the beach. Of course, you can't beat a day spent at the spa, and the Sand and Sea Spa offers several treatments steeped in scents reminiscent of the elements of the low-country: earth, sun and fresh air.


Charleston Area Convention & Visitors Bureau, www.CharlestonCVB.com, 843-853-8000.

Charleston Library Society, www.charlestonlibrarysociety.org. Brien Beidler, director of the Bindery, teaches workshops on the art of the book, including bookbinding courses. There are currently no workshops scheduled, although Beidler is planning one for January, 2015. Check the website for dates and times. In the meantime, visit www.BrienBeidler.com to see Beidler's most recent finds from the archives.

Middleton Place Plantation, www.MiddletonPlace.org. Make wreaths and other holiday decor from fresh greens, berries and other natural items gathered from the plantation at Family Yuletide in the Stableyards ($15 per person) on Dec. 13.

Wild Dunes Resort, www.WildDunes.com. Come One, Come Fall offers 20% off nightly rates for stays in the Boardwalk Inn and Village at Wild Dunes and select vacation homes and condos through Dec. 31. Arrive Sunday through Wednesday and also receive a $25 dinner credit per day.


■ Peek into the mid-1700s via colonial-era newspapers at the Charleston Library Society: ads for imported claret, a detailed report on hemp and notices like one placed by William Coote to "forewarn all Persons not to Trust (his wife Mary) on his Account," since she "Eloped from her Husband on Thursday the 19th past, taking with her Money and Goods."

■ Lunch at Caviar & Bananas: More epicurean experience than lunch spot, this Charleston fave combines a gourmet market with casual eatery serving upscale foodstuffs — and boy, is it good: tarragon shrimp salad, pimento cheese BLT, duck confit panini, naked kale salad, Brussels sprouts coleslaw, carrot daikon salad. In the market find wines, chocolates, artisanal cheeses and an espresso bar.

■ Enjoy the best frites and flatbread you've ever salivated over at the Obstinate Daughter on Isle of Palms. Relax into a booth, enjoy the beachy decor and down an order of Geechie Frites served with salsa rosa and Obstinate Flatbread slathered with a decadent butterbean puree.

SC city voted best in the US for 2023 by readers of national travel magazine. Here’s why

A new list of 15 favorite cities in the United States is out and guess who’s on top — Charleston, a favorite so often it’s been put on Travel + Leisure magazine’s hall of fame.This year the magazine called Charleston “the perfect combination of southern charm and city vibes.”The list is based on responses from readers based on sights/landmarks, culture, food, friend...

A new list of 15 favorite cities in the United States is out and guess who’s on top — Charleston, a favorite so often it’s been put on Travel + Leisure magazine’s hall of fame.

This year the magazine called Charleston “the perfect combination of southern charm and city vibes.”

The list is based on responses from readers based on sights/landmarks, culture, food, friendliness, shopping and value. Charleston scored 88.63, topping New Orleans by 1.49 points. The last city on the list, Nashville, scored 81.86 points.

Readers said Charleston was the favorite because people were friendly, King Street has many shopping and dining options and there were a lot of historic sites.

“So many incredible restaurants” have made Charleston a foodie destination, and “the mix of hotels makes the city a perfect fit for any type of traveler,” the magazine said.

In an earlier story specifically on Charleston, the magazine offered 28 things to do list, including starting your day with a biscuit at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit’s two locations downtown and Vicious Biscuit in Mount Pleasant and while there see the USS Yorktown. Lots of walking on this list, down King Street, Waterfront Park and the Battery, Ravenel Bridge, Shem Creek Boardwalk, Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter, farmers market on Saturdays.

Other things to do include golf, the International African American Museum, South Carolina Aquarium, sunset cruise, Gibbes Museum of Art, ghost tours, Riverdogs baseball, museum, Gullah Tours to learn more about Black history in the city, Old Slave Mart Museum, Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site, located in West Ashley, is home to the site of the first European settlement founded in South Carolina (in 1670).

Here are the restaurants the magazine recommended: Wild Common, Fig, Hank’s Seafood Restaurant, and Halls Chophouse. Or ask locals.

And if all else fails, there is an ocean nearby — Folly Beach, Isle of Palms Beach, and Sullivan’s Island were mentioned.

The other cities ranked in order after Charleston and New Orleans are Santa Fe, New Mexico; Savannah, Georgia; Honolulu; New York City; Chicago; Alexandria, Virginia; San Antonio, Texas; Boston; Austin, Texas; Williamsburg, Virginia; Asheville, North Carolina and San Diego.

Charleston-area’s new entertainment venue to open in September

You’re seeing The Post and Courier’s weekly real estate newsletter. Receive all the latest transactions and top development, building, and home and commercial sales news to your inbox each Saturday here.A new entertainment site and sports bar plans to open in September in ...

You’re seeing The Post and Courier’s weekly real estate newsletter. Receive all the latest transactions and top development, building, and home and commercial sales news to your inbox each Saturday here.

A new entertainment site and sports bar plans to open in September in Mount Pleasant.

Mix at 730 Coleman Blvd. recently received its certificate of occupancy and is in the final stages of staffing up, according to owner David Breen. The opening date has not been announced.

The venue includes duckpin bowling, a curling platform, ax-throwing cages, ping-pong, cornhole, indoor and outdoor bars and a private speakeasy.

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The soul food dining venue closed in 2020, but the granddaughter of the late Martha Lou Gadsden plans to salvage art on the building. A two-story commercial building is slated for the property on Morrison Drive.

4,750: Square footage of new car wash planned next to a future Chick-fil-A in West Ashley.

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4: Cost of movies in dollars at most theaters across the nation on Aug. 27 as part of National Cinema Day.

4,800: Square footage of planned restaurant next to car wash on site in West Ashley.

+ Better flow: Chick-fil-A wants to make changes at one of its Charleston-area restaurants.

+ Now open: A new wine shop that carries other items recently launched operations in Charleston.

+ Floating away: The owner of a man-made floating island that’s been moored in a tidal creek near Folly Beach has agreed to remove the structure, but he’s not conceding any wrongdoing.

Church & Union restaurant is located at 32 N. Market St. in downtown Charleston. The owner of the property, which includes neighboring restaurant Tempest and a corner candy store, plans to sell the buildings.

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