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We have been dressing women in Liberty for over 34 years and offer upscale designer collections curated with a Southern eye. Here, women from around the United States discover sophisticated, effortless beauty for every season. Whether you're looking for a sassy new dress to impress that special someone or the perfect outfit for your next vacation, your options are endless at Copper Penny.

With easy-to-find locations close to Liberty's hottest spots, our curated selection of the newest, most popular women's clothing lines reflects the effortless glamour of Liberty. Whether you're a tidy professional or a fierce trend-setter, our goal is to help you find the perfect look for your own unique style. With designer brands like CK Bradley and Holst & Lee on hand year-round, finding your new look is easy and fun when you visit Copper Penny.

Our clothing lines give ladies a refreshing mix of one-of-a-kind authenticity with real wearability, allowing them to shine with confidence and style all year long. So, go ahead and spoil yourself - you deserve to look like a million bucks!

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Find the Perfect Dress to Impress

Diamonds are pretty and all, but honestly? Dresses are a girl's best friend. Dresses are fun, comfortable, and versatile. At Copper Penny, they're also fashionable and cute. We have a huge selection of women's dresses in Liberty, SC, from stylistic sheath dresses to drop-waist styles that will make your girlfriends jealous.

We offer several styles and shapes from which you can pick. Not sure what style fits best?

It all starts at the waist:

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A-Line Waist

These dresses are made to fit your waist and then gradually flare out towards the hem. A-line dresses are excellent for minimizing thighs, hips, and midsections while pulling the eyes to your bust. This style of dress is a great fit for almost any body type. There's a reason why so many brides settle on A-Line dresses for their big day! With plenty of varieties, this is a kind of dress that you can wear again and again.

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Empire Waist

Like the A-Line style, empire dresses are made to fit through your bust. Rather than creating a distinctly angular shape like the A-Line, the Empire style flows from the bust down. This is another kind of dress that fits many body types. From curvy to apple body shapes, the Empire draws focus to your bust and minimizes everything else. For lovely ladies on the shorter side, this style defines your silhouette, especially if you choose a maxi length dress.

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Drop Waist

A throwback to the roaring 20's style flapper dresses, Drop Waist dresses look best on lean, athletic bodies that don't have too many curves in the hip area. The key to pulling off a Drop Waist style dress is to ensure that it's not hugging you. This dress is best worn when it is able to hang freely on your body.

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Once you know the kind of waist that fits your body type, it's time to find your shape. A few of our most popular dress shapes include:

Fit & Flare Dresses in Liberty

Any clothing store for women in Liberty, SC, worth its salt, will have plenty of fit & flare dresses for you to try. This common-shaped dress is one of the most popular on the market, mainly because they look great on every woman, regardless of age or shape. A timeless choice, fit & flare dresses fit through the bodice and flare out just below your hip. This helps develop a balanced, slimming silhouette for most women. If you want to accentuate your best assets and hide everything else, ask our experienced fashionistas to show you some the most popular fit & flare dresses at Copper Penny.
Time to start doing your happy dance! Fit & flare dresses have very balanced proportions, making them a true winner for every body type. Women with athletic builds love this dress for the extra curves. Women with apple-shaped bodies love how fit & flare dresses define their waistlines. Because this dress already looks like an hourglass on the hanger, it will be a natural fit for ladies with such a figure.
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Shift Dresses in Liberty

Shift dresses are typically rectangular in shape and tend to be comfy and forgiving since they aren't fitted. Also called a column dress, the shift dress is a great choice for polished professionals needing a conservative, fashionable outfit for work.
These dresses look fabulous on women with athletic, lean shapes and women with an apple-like figure. This kind of dress doesn't work well with a belt, so ladies with an hourglass figure may not be able to show off their curves in a shift. Try pairing this dress with a nice pair of heels for a beautiful new look!
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Wrap Dresses in Liberty

Wrap dresses are one of the most popular styles on the market, because they give ladies of most shapes and sizes a flattering, fashionable dress option.
If you have an hourglass, apple, or generally curvy body shape, you're going to love wrap dresses. This style of dress offers a natural waist while placing emphasis on your bust. Wrap dresses give you a balanced silhouette and, with a knee-length fit, are great for any type of color or style, both day and nightwear.
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Timeless Tops for Every Style

Unless you're feeling extra sassy, chances are you're wearing a top at this very moment. Tops are garments that cover the top half of your body. At Copper Penny, we have an endless selection of tops in a wide range of styles - from basic tees to blouses and everything in between. If you're looking for the highest quality women's tops in Liberty, SC, you just hit the jackpot!

With that said, finding the right top for the right occasion is easier said than done. However, at Copper Penny, we make finding the right top fun. Whether you're looking for a top that makes a statement or you need a classic button-down for a subdued style, we've got your back. We only carry the most popular tops from the best brands and designers around the world.

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Here are just of our most popular tops:

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Women's Poplin Tops in Liberty

Sometimes called broadcloth tops, poplins have classic characteristics and are often woven with an over/under weave. This kind of weave gives more substance to your top while also giving you room to breathe. Poplin shirts are typically soft and smooth, and are great for everyday business attire, some formal occasions, and for certain ceremonies. Sweet and feminine, our Bruna poplin eyelet bib top features ruffles at the sleeves and an eyelet lace yoke at the front. Pair your poplin with your favorite pair of shorts or jeans for a contemporary, relaxed look.

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Women's Wrap Tops in Liberty

Great for wearing solo or layered over a camisole or tank top, wrap tops are lightweight, versatile, and great for many different occasions. Wrap tops go well with jeans, maxi dresses, and high-waisted jeans or trousers. Our V-Neck Wrap SLV Top by Jayden is uber-popular at Copper Penny and the perfect choice for dressing down or dressing up. The choice is yours!

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Women's Off the Shoulder Tops in Liberty

For a dose of feminine fashion, be sure you add an off-the-shoulder top to your everyday wardrobe. A casual, sexy choice, off-the-shoulder tops have unique necklines that cut across your upper arms and chest, leaving your shoulders bare. The result is a flirty flash of skin, which elongates your neck and gives a relaxed, "daytime casual" look. Our Nola off-the-shoulder top pairs perfectly with shorts or even a flowy skirt and is hand-woven in Spain using Jacquard fabric.

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Women's Tank Tops in Liberty

Who doesn't love a good tank top?! Tank tops are lightweight, versatile, and equally great for lounging in the yard or running errands on weekends. Tank tops lend an air of simplicity to your outfit and can be styled in endless ways. Take our Velvet Heart Victory Tank, for instance. This tank is a refreshing update on our classic sleeveless tank top, complete with fray details and a scoop neck. Throw in the fact that it's machine washable, and you have a wardrobe winner.

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Having trouble finding the best top for your size and style? As the most trusted women's clothing boutique in Liberty, SC, Copper Penny has helped women discover new looks in the Lowcountry for more than two decades. We take pride in providing a personalized, boutique experience for our customers. If you have questions, give us a call or swing by one of our locations. We would be happy to give you our professional opinion.

Until then, here's a quick guide you can follow to help you find the right fit for your women's top in Liberty:

How to Find the Right Fit for Your Women's Top

When choosing a women's top for your outfit, you have to consider how comfortable, confident, and beautiful you will feel. The best way to feel your best in an outfit is to make sure it fits correctly. To get started, you'll want to take your measurements. For most women's tops, the best areas to focus on are your hips, waist, and chest.

  • Hip Measurements: Measuring your hips is fairly easy. Take your measuring tape and use it to wrap around the widest area of your hips.
  • Waist Measurements: Take your measuring tape and place it at the very top of your hip bone. Wrap it all the way around your body. Try to keep your measuring tape in line with your belly button. For the most accurate measurements, stand up straight and breathe normally.
  • Chest Measurements: For an accurate chest measurement, take the end of your measuring tape and place it on the fullest area of your bust. From there, wrap the tape around your body, under your armpits, and around the blades of your shoulders. Then, wrap the tape tightly from the back of your body to the front, where you started.
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Need help measuring? Swing by Copper Penny and ask one of our friendly sales associates to help you out! While you're there, don't forget to check out our huge selection of women's tops in Liberty, SC.

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Looking to take your style to the next level? You can also get in touch with a personal stylist directly from our website. With a personal stylist by your side, you can find stunning looks for specific occasions, using comfortable clothing in your favorite colors and cuts. Copper Penny is your one-stop-shop for fashionable, fun, fabulous designer clothing in Liberty. But don't take our word for it – come see for yourself!

Latest News in Liberty, SC

'It's been built by people that are still living here: Wedgefield residents calling for old elementary school to continue serving community

Liberty STEAM Charter School is requesting to purchase FJ DeLaine, a Wedgefield elementary school that closed in 2018.SUMTER, S.C. — A charter school is looking to expand in Sumter County, but some residents aren’t happy about the existing building it wants to use."I started school here in 1954," Sumter resident Roland Robinson remembers. "First grade."Robinson attended F.J. DeLaine for elementary school. He says ...

Liberty STEAM Charter School is requesting to purchase FJ DeLaine, a Wedgefield elementary school that closed in 2018.

SUMTER, S.C. — A charter school is looking to expand in Sumter County, but some residents aren’t happy about the existing building it wants to use.

"I started school here in 1954," Sumter resident Roland Robinson remembers. "First grade."

Robinson attended F.J. DeLaine for elementary school. He says it’s been a staple in the Wedgefield community for decades, but that might change soon.

Liberty STEAM Charter school hopes to buy the property to serve more students and parents like Robin Thames and Chelsea Bowley, whose kids attend the current campus.

"It seems like their big vision is eventually to have campuses all over Sumter since there's not transportation for a charter school and that way they can service more kids in more localized areas," Thames explains.

"I know there’s tons of parents that are interested in Liberty and there’s a waitlist a mile long and I know that they would be all for Liberty growing and their children having the same opportunity my children do," Bowley adds. "Expanding in Sumter I think would be a great opportunity not only for the children in Sumter and the educational needs that are here, but also just for in the future just for Sumter in general, like for the growth of Sumter."

Liberty sent a proposal to the Sumter School District saying it wants to purchase the property located on Cane Savannah Road off Broad Street. County Councilman Carlton Washington believes this is not the right fit.

"There's a very rich and deep history associated with people in this community and specifically Black children who could not get a quality education," Washington explains.

It was originally a Rosenwald school, which aimed to provide education to Black children during segregation. It’s a history that Wedgefield residents, like local pastor Dorothy Maple, want to keep alive by keeping the building for the community.

"This is the heart and the hub of Wedgefield. Right here. It’s been here. It’s been built by people that are still living here," Maple shares. "And there's so much of a need right here in this community that is not being fulfilled."

Instead of giving the property to Liberty, they’d like a portion of it to be turned into a community center. President of the Sumter County branch of the NAACP Elizabeth Kilgore says while a charter school offers educational benefits, she would prefer that education be directed to kids in this community.

"With a public charter school, the students here may or may not be served," Kilgore believes. "But with Sumter School District, they will be served."

"It’s a part of our community," Robinson continues. "It's a legacy for us in this community, that the school remain here and if it takes it away I know the building won’t move, but the name will change."

According to Thames, that might not be the case. She says her children began attending Liberty when its first campus opened in a different old school building.

"When they first started, they didn’t have a name for the school and one of the ways they encompassed the old school that was there is they had us vote and they pulled in the old school...and they encompassed it into the new name of Liberty STEAM Charter," Thames explains. "And then on top of that they have had people that attended that elementary school way back in the day come and speak to the kids to kind of put a face to the children that ran down those hallways so many years ago."

Regardless, it goes beyond a name change, Washington says.

Another main point is a lack of transparency between the charter school and Sumter School District, according to Washington.

"[Community members] feel disrespected. It appears that there have been legislative maneuvers…about how to acquire the property without having one conversation with the community directly, without having one conversation with the other elected officials that represent this community," Washington tells me.

The charter school and Sumter School Board are unable to comment because lawyers are involved.

In documents obtained by News 19 between the legal representatives for the district and Liberty, the charter school has requested to purchase the building under a proviso that would make it eligible for sale if a school building is unused.

The district responded saying the building is still in use as a training center and storage location for the sheriff’s department and the school district. It also says it’s in the district’s capital improvement plans for future use.

The district says it’s continuing to evaluate its options regarding what that future usage will look like.

"We've discovered the school board itself has the authority to sell the school if it chooses to, but not by force of any proviso or any other state law that would require the school district to sell the school," Washington explains. "There's just so many other purposes that the school could be used for it could be used. As an IT hub. It can be used as a transportation hub. It could be used for food service, it could be used for adult ed. Just a number of things that it could be used for, in addition to sharing a portion of the property with the community."

Georgetown’s Liberty Steel mill will soon have a new owner after years of struggles

GEORGETOWN — An Australian firm plans to purchase Georgetown’s downtown steel mill, potentially preserving one of the coastal city’s longtime factories and dozens of jobs.InfraBuild, which is run by the parent company of the mill’s current owner, announced May 29 that the company had closed on a $350 million loan to buy GFG Alliance’s American-based steel industry assets, which includes Liberty Steel USA’s plant. No date was released on when the sale could be completed.James Sanderson, presid...

GEORGETOWN — An Australian firm plans to purchase Georgetown’s downtown steel mill, potentially preserving one of the coastal city’s longtime factories and dozens of jobs.

InfraBuild, which is run by the parent company of the mill’s current owner, announced May 29 that the company had closed on a $350 million loan to buy GFG Alliance’s American-based steel industry assets, which includes Liberty Steel USA’s plant. No date was released on when the sale could be completed.

James Sanderson, president of United Steelworkers Local 7898, said that after speaking with the potential new owners that the mill, a mainstay of Front and South Fraser streets for over half a century, is in Georgetown to stay.

“We’re just very excited about this transition,” Sanderson said.

InfraBuild did not respond to a request for comment May 31. GFG Alliance declined to comment.

Georgetown’s economy relied heavily on the lumber industry in the early 20th century before the arrival of International Paper’s plant in 1936. Georgetown Steel helped further diversify the community’s industrial base in the late 1960s, but the mill cycled through various owners and changes in the industry that reduced its workforce before it was purchased by Liberty Steel in 2017.

The plant that makes steel wire used in tires and bridge cables closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic but started operating again in January 2022 with about 65 workers, well below the hundreds of employees that made the plant one of the city’s largest employers.

The reopening, however, was challenged under a city ordinance that would rezone the plant site if operations ceased for a year. The mill is near Georgetown’s main business district and the 50-acre plant site is considered a prime spot for tourism development. But Liberty and its supporters defeated rezoning efforts.

The mill’s owner recently announced a workforce expansion of more than 50 percent.

Sanderson said he has met with InfraBuild in the past, but he had not spoken with the company’s interim CEO, Dak Patel, since the May 29 announcement. Sanderson said he’s confident company representatives will visit the city and mill soon.

“They will be looking at it and examining and looking at all the capital improvements that could be done at our facility here in Georgetown,” Sanderson said.

Patel said in a May 29 statement that the new financing will allow Infrabuild “to continue to grow our business and service a customer base which spans the infrastructure, commercial and residential construction, agriculture and mining markets.”

InfraBuild’s presence in the United States consists of a pair of recycling sites in LaPlace, La., and Tampa, Fla.

Other GFG-owned businesses that could be involved in the acquisition are manufacturer Keystone Consolidated Industries and Pennsylvania-based Johnstown Wire Technologies.

Clarification: This story has been updated to reflect that the company buying the Georgetown steel mill is run by the parent company of the mill’s current owner.

Get ready for Greenville Liberty’s second season

The Greenville Liberty women’s soccer team kicks off its second season this Friday, May 12 at home. Here’s what to know this season.Head coach and technical director Julie Carlson returns after coaching the team to a 9-3-2 record and South Atlantic Division ti...

The Greenville Liberty women’s soccer team kicks off its second season this Friday, May 12 at home. Here’s what to know this season.

Head coach and technical director Julie Carlson returns after coaching the team to a 9-3-2 record and South Atlantic Division title, plus a run to the USL W League Playoff Semifinals last season.

Other familiar faces on the pitch include Bailey Manfredi (forward), Emmie Wannemacher (defender), and USL W League Young Player of the Year Christian Brathwaite (midfielder).

See the full roster.

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The Liberty will play 12 matches — six of which are at home on the team’s new pitch, Paladin Stadium at Furman University. Here’s the home match lineup and list of theme nights:

Check out the match day guide.

Fans have the option to purchase single game tickets or can choose from four season ticket packages for home games ranging from $50 to $180.

Liberty will also feature bargain bundles this season — some specialty packs, and some available all season:

Follow Greenville Liberty’s social channels for updates and shop its merch to dress to impress this season.

What we learned in No. 1 South Carolina’s 49-point win against Liberty

The South Carolina women’s basketball team returned from the final exams break to earn its fifth home victory of the year....

The South Carolina women’s basketball team returned from the final exams break to earn its fifth home victory of the year.

The No. 1 Gamecocks defeated Liberty on Sunday 88-39 at Colonial Life Arena.

USC (9-0) made it difficult on the Flames’ offense early by forcing them into 12 first-half turnovers.

The stifling defense allowed just nine points for Liberty (3-5) in the second quarter and six points in the third. Those were the 12th and 13th quarters this season in which the Gamecocks held their opponent to single-digit scoring.

South Carolina, though, got into a groove from the start and never trailed.

Head coach Dawn Staley looked to utilize the team’s depth and subbed out the whole starting lineup midway through the first quarter. That lineup consisted of Bree Hall, Talaysia Cooper, Raven Johnson, Kamilla Cardoso and Laeticia Amihere.

“We’ve been working that unit all week, just trying to get them to be a pressing unit for us,” Staley said. “I wanted to see what they look like in a game situation and, obviously, they gave us some really good opportunities to learn from a film standpoint.”

The bench unit scored 11 of the team’s 23 points in that span. The team’s starters sat out the fourth quarter with a 39-point lead.

The Gamecocks were a bit more efficient from 3-point range than usual, making six of their 13 attempts.

South Carolina will travel to play South Dakota State in Sioux Falls on Thursday, looking to improve its record to 10-0.

The Gamecocks celebrated more than just their win against Liberty.

Star senior Aliyah Boston turned 21 years old Sunday and had a productive day for South Carolina. The team and the fans in Colonial Life Arena sang “Happy Birthday” to her after singing the school’s fight song.

“I’m gonna have some cake,” Boston said when asked about her birthday plans.

She finished the game with 13 points and six rebounds in 22 minutes of action. Boston found a good rhythm with her midrange jumpshot, and also found her way inside for close finishes.

The Gamecocks wish Aliyah Boston a happy 21st birthday: pic.twitter.com/6WVmHuNuAF

— Jeremiah Holloway (@jerem11ah) December 11, 2022

Zia Cooke, the team’s leading scorer this season, put up 20 points on 7-of-12 shooting. She also knocked down three 3-pointers for South Carolina. Cooke leads the team with 15 makes from long range on the year.

“Zia’s been shooting the ball really well in practice,” Boston said. “Staying after shootaround and getting shots up. I think she was in a great rhythm.”

Cooke got back on track after difficult shooting games against UCLA and Memphis. But against Liberty, she delivered the first 20-point game for South Carolina all season.

“I’m happy that she got shots to fall,” Staley said. “She’s not taking bad shots, they’re just not going in. But they went in today, and I’m hoping that she’ll just link up the days. She’s playing great.”

Sunday marked the fourth time this year that Cooke led the team in scoring.

Redshirt freshman Raven Johnson played without a knee brace for the first time all season. Staley said after the game that Johnson was gradually working herself away from the brace throughout the week in practice reps.

“She surpassed the time in which she could be out of the brace, it was just more of a comfort thing,” Staley said. “I think she’s probably a little frustrated with her play, so hopefully with her relinquishing the brace, it will bring more of who Raven is and what she brings to the table.”

She missed most of last season due to a knee injury and has started the first two games this year. Johnson is the team’s leader in assists so far with 3.4 per game.

Johnson dropped in four points and five assists in 16 minutes off the bench against the Flames.

This story was originally published December 11, 2022, 3:53 PM.

Liberty University taps S.C. college leader, Air Force veteran as president


The choices were welcomed by many connected with the school, who said they hoped the new leaders could bring accountability and a commitment to the school’s core values after a tumultuous time.

Both Costin and Falwell are expected to begin their new roles before the 2023-2024 academic year.

“As one whose life and ministry have been profoundly shaped by Liberty University, I can think of no educational institution with more global impact than my two-time alma mater,” Costin said in a statement, pledging to “honor the University’s past and drive toward its future. With God’s help and for His glory, the very best days of our great University are still ahead of us.”

Falwell had previously held the role of executive vice president for spiritual affairs/campus pastor at Liberty. The school has some 95,000 students at its Lynchburg, Va., campus and online, according to federal data.

“With this transition we are recommitting our institution to its founding, and singular, mission: Training Champions for Christ,” Falwell said. “I look forward to serving alongside our exceptionally qualified new president to impact more lives than ever before with Christ-centered education.”

The appointment ensures the Falwell family dynasty will continue at Liberty. The school was co-founded by his father, the Rev. Jerry Falwell Sr., a prominent televangelist, in 1971. Just as his father did, Jonathan Falwell will also remain as senior pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church.

Jerry Falwell Jr., Jonathan Falwell’s brother, was president of the school from 2007 until 2020, when he resigned amid scandal.

Jerry Falwell Jr. had transformed the campus, dramatically growing its physical and financial assets and prominence, forming a close alliance with Donald Trump and making frequent headlines — and, critics said, moving the school away from its Christian mission.

In 2020 he was placed on paid leave after posting a photo on social media of himself with his arm around his wife’s young assistant, both of their zippers undone. Later the same month, he agreed to resign amid news reports of another scandal: A young man claimed he had an affair involving both Falwell and his wife, Becki. Giancarlo Granda said he would have sex with Becki Falwell and her husband would watch. She has acknowledged the affair, but both she and her husband have said Jerry Falwell Jr. was not involved in it.

Jerry Falwell Jr. resigns as head of Liberty University, will get $10.5 million in compensation

Jerry Prevo, who had been longtime chairman of the board of trustees, stepped in to lead Liberty as interim president. With the appointment of Costin, he will transition to president emeritus of the university.

After Jerry Falwell Jr.’s departure, Liberty University faces questions about faith, power, accountability

Costin was chosen after a national search led by an executive recruiting firm that considered nearly 100 candidates over eight months, according to the university. Before leading Charleston Southern University, Costin was a decorated combat veteran, who finished his military career at the Pentagon as Air Force chief of chaplains, the school said.

Costin earned his bachelor’s degree in operations research from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He earned five master’s degrees — including two from Liberty: a doctor of ministry degree and a PhD in organizational leadership, officials said.

“This is a good and significant day for the future of Liberty,” said Ed Stetzer, a dean and executive director of the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center. “A lot of people at more than one point had to question, you know, what’s the future of the university with such leadership chaos?”

Costin seems an excellent antidote to that, he said. “He’ll come in with a steady and sure hand, with the life experience, the theological alignment with the institution,” and trust of its existing leaders, Stetzer said. “It’s a prescription for what’s ailing Liberty. There’s a lot still to do.”

Stetzer also praised Jonathan Falwell as a well-loved pastor in the community and a person deeply committed to Liberty.

Daniel Hostetter, the student body president at Liberty, said he is excited about Costin’s military experience, which could bring much-needed change to the university. Student leaders had been hoping for someone with higher education experience, as well as “a heart for loyalty to Christ and to his kingdom, above political loyalties and everything like that.” He also praised Jonathan Falwell for guiding the university through a difficult time and being responsive to students’ concerns.

Dustin Wahl, a 2018 graduate of Liberty, co-founded the alumni and student group Save71, which has advocated for numerous changes at the school including its governance and academic freedom. He said the group hopes the new president will look into the depths of the school’s “systemic problems and the history of dysfunction.”

“Liberty’s board provided no oversight or accountability for years as [Jerry] Falwell [Jr.] and other leaders there twisted the school into a political platform, even ignoring extreme cases of abuse,” he said. “And so we think that that is the most important thing that the president and chancellor will need to address to show is that they’re interested in moving in the other direction.”



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